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Assalaamualaikum wr wb,

Imagine someone came up to you and gave you 10,000 dollars or more. Obviously you’ll be grateful to this person and you would want to repay that person, right? What if that person said all you have to do is remember me? This would make you even happier because it’s just so easy to remember such an awesome person that just gave you some big bucks.

Well Allah (swt) gave us more than that. Just our body parts alone cost an incredible amount and yet we take them for granted. Not just that, but we have so many blessings that it’s innumerable! And if you were to count Allah’s favors, you would not be able to number them; most surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. [Sūrah al-Nahl: 18] Subhanallah!!! But Allah (swt) only asked for us to remember Him by praying, fasting, doing dhikr, etc. “So make remembrance of Me, and I will make remembrance of you.  And show thanks to Me, and do not be ungrateful.” [Qur’an 2:152] Can you believe that? That’s all we have to do. How can we be ungrateful to Allah?! Yet we still refrain from constantly remembering him… But Allah (swt) also gave us restrictions. He told us what was haram and what was halal. Those that are haram actually harm us so we should follow these rules as well. This is also for our own benefit. At the end of the day, remembering Allah, praying, etc. ends up being good deeds that will help us on the Day of Judgment. Now this is also for our benefit!!

Anyways the point I’m trying to make is we should seriously be more grateful towards our Lord, the Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful. It’s so easy and it’s good for us too. It’s a win-win deal. Why not try it?

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Assalaamualaikum wr wb,

As we all know these are two of Allah’s (swt) beautiful names.

They have multiple meanings. For example Ar Rahman means The Compassionate, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The One who has plenty of mercy for the believers and the blasphemers in this world and especially for the believers in the hereafter. And Ar Raheem means the Most Merciful

One who recites Ar Rahman 100 times will get sharp memory. And one who recites Ar Raheem 7x will be under Allah’s protection. Cool right?

Allah (swt) reminds us that Allah (swt) is The Compassionate and The Beneficent towards us. In the Qur’an Allah (swt) tells us that if we were to count how many favors He has given us, we would never be able to because it is so much that it’s innumerable. Wallahi it is, try to and you’ll see you’ll be dead and you’re still trying to count how many blessings Allah (swt) has given us.

Allah (swt) also tells us that He is Most Merciful. In the Qur’an, Allah (swt) tells us that His Mercy prevails over His wrath. (Sorry for not saying exactly what ayah it is, I just remember it but have no clue which ayah in which surah it is from. If anyone does know, please let me know.) Us humans mess up so many times which is expected because we’re not perfect. Allah (swt) knows that, that’s why Allah (swt) tells us not to worry because Allah (swt) is Most Merciful and inshallah will forgive us.

Think about it this way. Imagine if anybody knew about every single deed you’ve done, good and bad, do you think they would like you after that? No matter how pious and a good person you are, we all have a lot of faults. They would probably think you are a horrible person, a sinner. Do you think if they knew they would ever forgive you? Probably not. But Allah (swt) will. Allah (swt) wants you to come and realize there’s no one else to turn to for forgiveness except Allah (swt). Repeatedly Allah (swt) tells us that He is Most Merciful. So many times, so repent.

Well anyways I probably did a horrible job at this but whatever. Please don’t hesitate to give me some tips.

I hope you benefited from this. 🙂

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Assalaamualaikum wr wb sisters,

Reciting the 99 names of Allah (S.W.T.) has a lot of benefits, in the link below, you can see why:


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