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Assalaamualaikum wr wb sisters,

Our Hajj adventure was completely amazing! The fact that we actually did Hajj is so unbelievable because of all the obstacles that stopped us from doing it.

I wasn’t even supposed to go in the first place. It all happened when we got a call from our dad, he caught us all by surprise. He’s like we might do hajj this year. And, omg, as soon as he said that, my whole family was screaming in joy. It was like a dream come true because we never ever did hajj before except my dad. Even though, it’s always a might because Allah (S.W.T.) can change our plans, I still got ready. I couldn’t help myself.

But that night when my dad came home, he was really stressed out. Finally he said that only him and my oldest brother can go. I got really mad and sad when I heard that. I ran to my room and started crying, even though I hate to admit it… I know it’s my fault because I got way too excited and I pretended like everything would turn out right. So the whole night I was awake and crying, people tried to comfort me but I pushed them away. At the middle of the night, my dad got a call from our Huzoor and he said that they can make arrangements so that the whole family can come. I thought I was only imagining this because it seemed too good to be true.

But the next morning, my parents said there’s a possibility we might go inshallah. This time I was trying not to get my hopes up too high. We had to go to my friend Sumaiya’s house and she said she was going to come with us for hajj. That was so awesome! Doing hajj with one of your best friends!!!

Days after all this, we all became more sure that we’d go and those last days in New York before we left were so cool. We made more long visits in Sumaiya’s house… I was just so excited.  We got everything packed and ready. I was taking my own bag with almost all my stuff in it, my mom said that was stupid but she later found out why that was such a good idea.

Finally it was the day we came to the airport. We had to go to another airplane instead of the one we were supposed to go to. There were no more problems until we reached Bahrain. That was horrible! When we came to the airport they said there was no more space for us, maybe 1 or 2 people, at the most 5 people that they can find space for but no more. There was 18 of us, 3 families (our family, huzoor’s family, and another family), there was no way we would find space. All of the children and adults were so sad. I started crying again… I just kept thinking ya Allah (S.W.T.), we were so close, just soo close to get to do hajj! Soo darn close!!! Can you just send down some kind of miracle that will help us? Anything at all? 

Apparently this man came to our huzoor and he’s like what are you doing standing around here for? Our huzoor explained what happened, but the man was like “C’mon, yallah!” So huzoor was like no, the flight is at (something something) and right now is past that. But then the guy insisted “C’mon, go, yallah!”

Well I really don’t know how but somehow they found exactly 18 seats and we got on. It was so amazing! I remember we were all so extremely happy. We got on in that airplane and even though the ride wasn’t that (what’s the word?) nice, it was still awesome that we got on in the first place.

Yeah, so when we got out of that airplane, we were finally in Jeddah. I remember the wind was blowing a lot and it was really sandy. It was pretty cool even though I was really exahusted.

When we went in the airport, apparently we lost a lot of our luggage! I was lucky because I had my own backpack with almost all my stuff so it didn’t affect my much but the rest only had what they were wearing, so yeah….

So soon we began our Hajj after leaving Jeddah. This post is getting long so I’ll end it here. But I’ve got to say hajj was amazingly awesome. 10,000x better than I imagined.


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